Posted by: chrisdavis | May 5, 2015

To See How You Homeschool, Simply Replace the Words

Here is the sequence of how public schools educate a child:

  1. The child is in a grade.
  2. The child is supposed to learn certain subjects in that grade.
  3. Teachers look for the best curriculum to teach the child those subjects.

Now, replace the words “the child” with “my child” and “the school” with “I” and you will see what most homeschoolers do.

I suggest another sequence for homeschooling parents:

  1. Disregard the whole concept of what grade your children might be in.
  2. Go to the trouble to decide exactly what your children need to know (in the 3 areas of relational skills, practical skills, and academic skills) by the time your children leave home. Write these down so everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.
  3. As the occasion arises, and as specific contexts present themselves, and as long as the occasion and contexts are age appropriate, simply work through your list.
  4. And, as you discover each child’s passion, give him or her plenty of time and resources to become world-class in those areas.

Happy homeschooling!

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