Posted by: chrisdavis | March 28, 2015

10 Ways Which Public School May Harm Your Child’s Future

#8: Public Schools Foster Early Sexuality

As a current substitute teacher in high school, I am amazed at how much sexual interaction occurs among students in public schools.

Today, virtually all humor among students is sexual humor. Girls speak openly of their sexuality, speak openly about their bodies and bodily functions, and openly poke fun at boys who don’t understand their sexual innuendos.

Boys talk about things once heard only in locker rooms while girls listen and laugh at the boys’ raunchiness. Everyone knows the vocabulary; everyone knows the gestures; many use both. It would be fair to say that public schooled students expect one another to be sexually aware if not sexually experienced.

Because parents grew up in a different time, they don’t realize how much pressure their children face to be part of the sexual culture that is today’s public schools.

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