Posted by: chrisdavis | March 15, 2015

10 Ways Which Public School May Harm Your Child’s Future

#5: Public Schools Teach Students to Fear Failure

Today’s public schooled students will do almost anything to avoid failing and this includes copying homework and cheating on quizzes and tests. I have actually been told by public school’s “better” students that cheating is the necessary cost of keeping a high grade point average as they look toward future college entrance.

The main problem with public schools putting pressure on students to avoid failure is that children grow up believing that failure is something bad, something to be avoided at all cost. After 12 years of avoiding failure in school, young people enter adulthood making decisions based on whether or not that decision will put them into a “safe” place. Adults who only make “safe” decisions will look for employment that carries no risks.

Adults who see failure as something bad do not become entrepreneurs because it is possible to fail as an entrepreneur. However, in truth, most successful entrepreneurs readily admit they have already failed, perhaps several times, but that their failures ended up being their greatest teachers.

Homeschooled students never have to fail so they do not face the same kind of pressures they would face in public school. Once parents decide something is important enough for their child to learn, the child simply continues with that subject until mastery is achieved. No failure and no fear of failure. A lack of the fear of failure is one reason it is so easy for homeschooled children to grow up and become entrepreneurs.

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