Posted by: chrisdavis | March 6, 2015

10 Ways Which Public School May Harm Your Child’s Future

#2: In Public School, Your Child Is Never Unique

Parents already know their child is not like any other individual on the planet. Every person is unique. However, the cost of educating a child (around $10,000 per student per year) forces public schools to operate efficiently. Efficiency requires standardization. Standardization requires rigid routines, a fixed curriculum for all children in the same age/grade, rigid rules of conduct, and an inflexible criterion for judging the placement of children in relation to their classmates (called testing). In other words, in public school, children are treated as “generic” human beings and ranked according to how they arrange themselves academically and behaviorally among their same-age mates. Of course, this denies the existence of individual uniqueness, but public schools simply cannot afford to foster individuality. In fact, because individuality often expresses itself in inappropriate ways (i.e. questioning authority), it is not unusual for the more creative child to be treated with contempt.

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