Posted by: chrisdavis | February 15, 2015

Get Serious About Entrepreneurship

We do our children a great disservice when we assume their only future lies in the realm of employment.

What are we thinking!

The New Entrepreneurial worldview has three common threads:

  • We must see business as a collaboration, not a competition. Benefiting others benefits everyone.
  • In God, there is no such thing as scarcity. There really is enough to go around.
  • In this connected world, there are so many potential customers, one can’t possibly reach them all.

On my site Chris Davis Recommends I have added a new book in the Entrepreneurship Section of the High School menu. The book is called The New Entrepreneurz. Read it in paperback or listen to the audio (which is very well done, I might add). Written by two, young Israeli entrepreneurs, this book presents a refreshing look at the new world of entrepreneurial thinking.

If you go to my site, Chris Davis Recommends, you can also enter your email address for a free copy of Chapter One of my new book, Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally.



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