Posted by: chrisdavis | December 30, 2014

I Never Would Have Thought!

WordPress has just informed me that, this year, 8,400 people from 61 different countries saw this blog. I never knew so many people followed my educational ramblings!

I am humbled. And I am excited.

In 2014 I turned 70 and realized I have been involved in this thing called homeschooling for over 30 years. My overriding passion all these years has been to motivate parents not to replicate the public school in their homes.

How have I been doing? Have I been too nice? Maybe it’s time to take off the gloves and “tell it like it is” (?). How about if we all decide to take the advice of former New York State Teacher-of-the-Year, John Taylor Gatto, who encourages us to, “Find out what the public school does and do something else.

Are you willing to begin thinking outside the box? Or, maybe you already are. Are you willing to get outside the box? Are you willing to allow your kids to do the same?

Speaking of thinking outside the box, here is a fun video for you to watch. [Warning: This is not a Christian video, and I don’t endorse everything in it; but it definitely demonstrates “outside the box” thinking!].

Next year will be The Year of the Entrepreneur: giving your kids an alternative to preparing them for employment. Times they are a-changing and we need to be aware of how to prepare our students for a changing world. More about this in coming posts.

Now, go buy my new book. Yes, now…Get it here.

Go here to see my personal recommendations for homeschoolers.

Happy New Year to all of you around the world. Let me hear from you. Write something, below. In other words, leave a comment–please.

I am available to speak at conferences. Just sayin’…




  1. Are you acquainted with Sandra Dodd? I attended an homeschooling conference last year that was terrific, though small (maybe “local” is a better word). She has her finger on the pulse of radical homeschooling and could be helpful if you’re interested in speaking engagements.

    Congratulations to you for your success this year; may the coming year bring even greater prosperity and recognition to you and to alternative learning of all types.

    • Tanks for the kind words. No, not familiar with her.

  2. Thank you Chris! See out even for us who have been HSing for 25 years!

  3. I ment …speak out…..

    • Thanks, Diane. I got it!

  4. Happy New Year, Chris. Thanks for all your work, your books, and your blog!!

    • And, a Happy New Year to you, too!

  5. Chris, my girls are still young (7 and 9). Thankful to find you early in our homeschooling years. I find your posts and blog very encouraging and your book is next on my list. My husband I own/operate our own business and are raising our girls to think like entrepreneurs and business owners. I look forward to your future posts!

    • Stacy. Thanks for the comment and congratulations to you and your husband. Your girls are very fortunate! Is your business such that you can pay the girls for doing some small things?

  6. Hi,

    We are from Australia and we listened to a conference you gave out here over 10 years ago. Our eldest is now 17. These talks and your book, “Angel in the Marble” were what got us started on our homeschool journey. We have 4 kids and are still loving the journey. So thank you for all the effort you put into encouraging families to homeschool.

    • Michelle, how kind of you to post this comment. Sometimes, we who speak and write don’t know if our sharing is being helpful to others. I feel encouraged! 🙂

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