Posted by: chrisdavis | October 15, 2014

Stress Is Not an Option

I just read a study that said 50% of all public schooled students live under constant stress due to their fear of doing poorly in school. The study’s author suggested ways to help students live with the stress that is simply part of being a student. No mention was made of issues causing the stress: long hours in boring classrooms, being forced to learn information that everyone knows (but won’t admit) is not necessary for one’s future, and then being tested on all those irrelevancies. The study actually suggested that “the myth of a happy childhood” what just that: a myth.

If you are a homeschool parent, please give thought to what you are making your child(ren) do. When your child is stressed, consider the causes. There are ways to loosen up. For instance, should you require that your child spend time reading, why not consider changing the setting. Here is a picture of one of my sons during “reading time”.Seth reading on pony fixed resized

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