Posted by: chrisdavis | August 25, 2014

“High School” Will Never Be the Same Again

Colleges and universities are turning to high school students with offers almost too good to believe.

From Liberty University (the world’s largest private, Christian university) to Stanford University (always among America’s top-ranked universities)–from small to great–colleges are actively seeking out high schoolers to enroll with them.

The local community college where I live takes students as young as age 13. But Stanford goes a step further, offering a complete online high school with no minimum age requirement. 

What’s up with all this?

Part of it has to do with the flexibility of homeschoolers. One of the Deans at Liberty University recently told me, “We can easily tell which of our students were homeschooled. They come to us more mature and more purposeful than any of the others.”

As the cost of attending a brick and mortar institution makes attendance unavailable to many good students, the internet has opened up a huge opportunity and the more astute colleges are taking advantage of this option.

So, why not offer college courses tailored for homeschooled high schoolers? When the student takes the course, the parent simply gives the student high school credit and the college gives the student college credit. Then, if and when the student enters college, he could actually enter as a college Junior!

Read about other options to the traditional 4-year high school for homeschoolers. Check them out in my new book, available at Amazon:

081914_1444_Doesitevenm1.jpgPS: see you all at the end of next month. I’m off to Israel…




  1. Awesome information Chris that I will be sure to share with every homeschool family that is “worried” about their Homeschooler getting into college. Praying for safe journeys for you and your group Chris!

  2. Very good. Have a special time over there. Shalom.

    • Thanks, Janis. Hoping you can join us soon…

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