Posted by: chrisdavis | July 31, 2014

Are You Making Your Child Use a Curriculum You Don’t Even Like?

Moms often admit to me, “I am so glad I’m not my child and have to use this curriculum!”

Many parents use materials they don’t like—or the child doesn’t like—for all sorts of crazy reasons. Maybe Mom spent hundreds of dollars on some prepackaged curriculum or maybe she was told how wonderful it worked for someone else’s child (perhaps another of her own children). Regardless, she makes her child slug through it day by day and the child is resisting.

Here is a story from a homeschool conference where I spoke about these issues:

A mother came to me and stated, “Now I understand why my child is resisting: The materials we are using are so boring! We only have three months left in the school year so after this year we will never use that curriculum again.”

I asked the Mom, “Why wait until the end of the year? What would your daughter do if you went home tonight and told her, ‘Put that away. I don’t ever want to see that curriculum again!'”

Mom looked at me curiously. “Can I do that? My daughter would probably hug me and tell me what a wonderful Mom she has.”

I told her, “If you are looking for my permission, you have it.”

Mom turned and fairly skipped down the aisle as she left the meeting room.

Is your child resisting being homeschooled because you are using awful curriculum? Or perhaps curriculum not suited to that particular child? Why are you doing something to your child you wouldn’t appreciate being done to you? A particular curriculum might be like manna from heaven for one child, yet be tantamount to child abuse to another.

The above is excerpted from Chris Davis’ new book Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally which is available from in both paperback and as an e-book.

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