Posted by: chrisdavis | April 26, 2014

What Is Sensible?

One day your adult child says, “I am doing exactly what I have always wanted to do with my life.”

What else could he, or she, say that would make you more proud and think, perhaps, you had done something right as a homeschool parent?

As a youngster, my middle son, James, encountered a quote that became a life-driver to him. It went something like,

“If I will spend a few years doing what others will not do, then I can spend the rest of my life doing what others cannot do.”

I have met people all over the world who are not doing what is in their hearts to do. Instead, they are doing something someone told them would be sensible.

What is sensible? What sensible thing should your child end up doing with his, or her life? What could be more sensible than what God created him, or her, to do?

You might be saying, “Duh!”

Yet, I watch homeschooled kids plodding through textbook after textbook and wonder what their parents really believe about all this.

Maybe your child is not spending “a few years doing what others will not do…” because your child is spending those years on irrelevancies that rob him, or her, from becoming amazing at what God created him, or her, to be doing in life.


[This idea is fully explored in my new book, Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally, which can be found on in both paperback and e-book versions].


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