Posted by: chrisdavis | January 12, 2014

My gift of “thanks” to you all

I only wrote 8 posts last year and, if I can believe the stats I just received, you and 6,700 others from 69 different countries came to this site to read my blog.

I never knew. I am truly humbled!

So, for being such a loyal reader, I would like to send you a draft of Part One of my new book, “Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally”. Part One is tentatively entitled “What is a Child?”

I have decided to put into book form most ofImage the seminars I have given over the years plus some of the material from these blogs plus a few extra insights and stories just for fun.

I will send this to you for free as an email attachment. If interested, simply send your name & email address to In the subject line, enter something like: “Send Part One of Book” and I will get it to you soon.

Again, my humble “thanks” for thinking I have something to share with homeschoolers.

Chris Davis



  1. It’s funny, no actually, it’s grace that every time that I put a school itinerary together for my four kids….that I find someone who reminds me to pour into my children the things that bring them joy. I have come a long way since I first started homeschooling. Thanks so much for being my mentor. I listened to you back when you were The Elijah Company. God is so good. Thanks for inspiring us. He will renew the face of the earth one heart at a time.

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