Posted by: chrisdavis | April 25, 2012

Who Is Asking the Questions? – Part 3

I have read an article suggesting that following one’s dreams is anathema to following God. In other words, Jesus’ comment to “deny yourself”, meant that whatever you have in your heart to do is probably worldly and should, therefore, be rejected as self-centered, not Kingdom-centered.

But, why should “following your dreams” and “following Christ” be mutually exclusive?

When you meet an individual who is actually doing what God has gifted him to do, you meet someone who is truly Kingdom-centered.

There are two kinds of miserable people in the world: Those who spend their lives trying to increase their personal, worldly happiness and those who have never discovered the gift God has made them to a world that desperately needs to see someone experiencing the joy of the Lord.

Let us help our children discover the giftings/talents God has put within each of them. Let us respect those giftings/talents. Let us give our kids the time and the resources to become proficient in what God has put within each of them. Let us send our children into a world that needs to see someone expressing God’s giftings/talents and expressing “the joy of the Lord as their strength.”

What could be more appealing to a world that has found no real joy in living self-centered lives?



  1. Thank you. This thought runs in my head so much. Being raised in a church that taught this very thing, I gave up a desire for writing and journalism to be a missionary (was more ‘holy’). Now I am neither, but my husband and I are trying to raise our three to follow that which God has placed in their very being as a gift and use it for His Glory and their enjoyment.

    • You have beautifully articulated what I’ve been trying to say. Thanks so much–CD

  2. This is so true, and in my family, a timely message. My oldest daughter is embraqing on a project that God is leading. She is beginning to get the doubts creeping in. God gave her the gifts and desires to have her use them for His glory. Joy is the blessing we get from doing this. Being joyful is not sin.

    • Joyful. How many do we know who are truly joyful in what they do in life? What a blessing for your daughter! Thanks for sharing–CD

  3. I think there is a fine line here. Yes, God gives talents and we should enjoy them and use them and maybe even “work” in those areas. BUT, God also calls us out of our comfort zone and He has called people in the past way out of their desired way of life. If He chooses to call us out of what we want, we should follow. I don’t, however, think God is a stingy God. I think He will bless us if He calls us and we follow.

    I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I have leaned on the side of strict (almost work based) faith many years. I have learned since then that God’s grace is the key. I still think that He does challenge us sometimes. I really don’t know where the line is drawn and wonder if any of us really do know where it is.

    I want my son to have a job that doesn’t feel like work. He wants that too. He knows he would not be happy at a desk. However, what if God calls him to do something that is more sedentary? Maybe that won’t happen and that is why my son already enjoys hands-on stuff.

    • Cindy: I am not suggesting that God gives us talents mainly for our enjoyment. Rather, such talents are for His glory and it is in expressing what He has done within us (for His glory) that we benefit by taking joy in them.

      Why would God “call us out of what we want” if our ‘want’ is only to do what He gives us to do? Peter left fishing–something he was “born to do”–to a higher calling as a disciple. He was also told others would take him places he didn’t want to go when he was old. But, then, who wants to be crucified (upside down!)? People like Mother Theresa can give their lives to pursuits that others may deem a terrible life. Mother Theresa didn’t think so.

      Is the alternative that I tell my son, “I know working in film is your passion, but I want you to be prepared for a life doing something you hate. After all, God may want you to do something you hate.”

      I can’t imagine presenting my child’s Father in such a light! I would rather tell my son, “God has put certain giftings in you to be used to bring Him glory.” I have discovered that this is true of God and of my son. My children have spent many hours preparing to become awesome in a particular arena which others would consider boring or not worth their time.–CD

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