Posted by: chrisdavis | February 14, 2012

“I Saw the Angel in the Marble” is Now an Audio Book!

NEW! I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE is now an Audio Book.

The printed version of I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE is one of’s homeschooling best-sellers. A 5-star book.

Now, I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE has been turned into an Audio Book read by Chris Davis.

The audio book even has several added chapters that don’t appear in the printed version!

The entire 1st production of the Audio Book went to Australia. So, Australian homeschoolers, please order HERE

Everyone else, please order HERE

One reader says, “I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE serves to inspire and motivate every parent to give the gift of real education to their child or children, and not to settle for mere schooling.”

Another reader writes, “It covers homeschooling from vision to reality and everything in-between.”

Still another reader, “If we’d had a book like this when we began our home education adventure 20 years ago we would have missed numerous pitfalls. If you are just starting or if you need to get a fresh vision for being home with your family, you’ve got to read this book!”

This Audio Book is a must-hear for any homeschooling family. And, it makes a great gift for new homeschoolers or for a homeschool library.




  1. Just a note to anyone who doesn’t already have the book or if they are not sure whether either one (book or audiobook) are worth it. I have the book and it is very valuable to me. When I get discouraged or those unrealistic homeschool worries pop up- I know I can read certain chapters of this book to get me back to reality. The reality is different than public school, but much more beautiful and worthwhile.

    One thing to think about as homeschooling parents- what really matters in eternity? Is it academic knowledge of scientific formulas? Is it classic literature? What about higher math concepts? NO! While all of that may be fine and some parts may be needed for particular calls in life. And, yes, there may be a small need to learn some stuff for the sake of a challenge or critical thinking. That does not outweigh the pressing need that our children should be exposed to authentic living for God. That doesn’t mean we have to be perfect- but we can still live our lives authentically for God and teach them by example and by our words to do the same.

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