Posted by: chrisdavis | December 27, 2011

Reflections of a Homeschool Pioneer

For years I have been introduced as a pioneer in the Homeschooling Movement.

Pioneer doesn’t necessarily mean “first”. It just means before something becomes accepted. Others had gone before me, and they became my inspiration.

Recently, I had a picture in my mind’s eye: I was sitting among a group of newby homeschooling families who had asked this ‘Ole Timer’ to share some advice from my almost 30 years’ involvement in homeschooling.

So, I will. As the New Year begins, I will be sharing perspectives I believe every new (or somewhat new) homeschooler should consider. Some of what I share will come from failure; others will come from valuable insights the Lord has given me throughout the years.

I will even attempt to arrange these thoughts in a hierarchy of importance.

I also want to ask anyone who has finished his or her homeschooling journey to add your own insights. Not just homeschooling parents, but homeschool graduates. What are the 1 or 2 things you want to say to other homeschoolers? Write them in the Comments box, below, and we will see what help we can offer to those who have heard God tell them to “Walk this way…”


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