Posted by: chrisdavis | October 5, 2011

Join Chris Davis and Mary Hood for a Homeschool Retreat! Two days only!

Where? Online. Listen via the website
Call in: 347-205-9175

When? Oct 6-7
Can’t make the live event? Visit the website for details.

Day One: October 6th at 11:00 AM EDT and 2:00 PM EDT
11:00 PM EDT: Chris Davis: Philosophy of Homeschooling/ “Please Don’t Homeschool”
2:00 PM EDT: Mary Hood: General Relaxed Homeschooling

Day Two: October 7th at 11:00 AM EDT and 2:00 PM EDT
11:00 PM EDT: Mary Hood: Practical Methods Class on Teaching
2:00 PM EDT: Questions/Answer Session with both Mary Hood and Chris Davis (host Felice Gerwitz)



  1. Thank you so much for participating in these seminars! I thought on Friday how timely your message was for me. Today I was even more grateful when I was better able to handle an unfortunate revelation in my home. Your perspective as a dad is so valuable to us moms.

  2. Thanks, Pam. Some day you might be able to share your story–Chris

  3. Chris, where are you? Just kidding. I know you are busy, but I love “hearing” from you. I look forward to your perspective on this mysterious adventure named homeschooling.

    What do you think about history textbooks versus just reading about history?

  4. Cindy, sorry to be so long responding, but I’ve been in Israel for the past few weeks finishing a course to become an Israeli Ambassador (see These 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of activity which ended yesterday with our formal induction at Yad Vashem.

    I promise to write more re: homeschooling when I can catch my breath, so thanks for the encouragement.

    I would rather my children experience something than read about it. That’s why we have taken them to Israel and all around the U.S., getting immersed in history. The only history book we read was the Kingfisher Illustrated World History (I may have this title slightly wrong as it’s been some time). If you use this book, use it sparingly. What I mainly wanted my sons to learn from it was the various historical PERIODS, why historians labeled each period as they did, and what happened to cause history to move from one period to the next. The details of names and dates (except generally), I didn’t care about.

    Sorry to be short, but it’s really late here in Israel and I have had a very long day. Again, thanks for writing and we’ll talk more later–CHRIS

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