Posted by: chrisdavis | March 22, 2011

More of our favorite quotes…

More of our favorite quotes that helped us stay encouraged as we kept our children from public school to raise them at home:

From Isabelle Adams, former Australian Superintendent of schools:

“I am convinced that school no longer prepares students for the real world. The world has changed, but our schools have not.”

From Dr. Joel Spring, Professor of Education, State University of New York:

“The is no agreed-upon standard of knowledge in any academic field—an issue that most test companies try to avoid.”

“In the case of standardized tests, not only are the tests themselves disputed, but also the meaning of the results.”

“What does it mean to read at grade level? Since ‘grade level’ is an artificial construct, the idea that all students should master a given body of knowledge by a particular grade is also artificial. But in order for educators and officials to gain professional acceptance, and in order for the public to accept the use of standardized tests, everyone concerned must act as though there really is such a uniform body of knowledge.”


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