Posted by: chrisdavis | March 3, 2011

Some advice, please

I am writing to ask some advice from my friends around the world. But, before I tell you what advice I need, I should first explain something of what I am doing and why I am asking for this advice:

Recently, I have agreed to represent a program newly formed by Ono Academic College in Kiryat Ono, Israel. The program is being called The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy. Here is a little about the Academy:

As I am sure you know, Jews, historically, have not had many reasons to feel very positive toward Christianity. The religion of Christianity is all many Jews have ever known.

But, in the past few years, God, Himself, has moved on the hearts of many believers to bless Israel and the Jewish people and this is something many in Israel have begun to realize.

Because Israel has so few friends in the world, and because Evangelical Christians seem to be some of the few real friends Israel has, even the most cynical of Israelis see the wisdom in beginning to establisih relationships with Evangelical Christians, at least those focused on blessing Israel as opposed to those focused on evangelizing them.

Ono Academic College has assumed the responsibility of creating a program, in English, specifically for Evangelical Christian Colleges & Universities, for a few select churches, and (at my recommendation) for the homeschooling community. The Academy will be led by Dr. Gabriela Shalev, one of Israel’s leading academics and legal experts and the former Israel Ambassador to the United Nations.

The Israel Ambassador’s Academy will combine English language courses, seminars, and travel with Israel’s governmental, academic, legal and military leaders. Those who attend the Academy will be officially recognized as an Israel Goodwill Ambassador, a designation never before offered a non-Jew.

My task, as I have agreed to represent the Academy, is to choose the specific colleges, universities, churches,  homeschoolers, and other interested individuals who would like more information about the Academy. I have already met with some colleges and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

This summer, a select group of academic, church and homeschool leaders/parents (and a handfull of students) will be invited to attend the initial 15-day course. At graduation, they will be honored as Israel Goodwill Ambassadors.

Now, to my request for advice:

I am asking you to recommend any Christian college and/or university who you think might be interested in receiving information about establishing a potential relationship with The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy. I would also like to know if you are aware of any homeschoolers who would like more information about study in Israel through the Academy.

Ono Academic College has given me a letter of introduction, along with a small brochure on the Academy which I can send to the college, university, church, or homeschool family. All I need is a name and address of those you think might be interested in this information and I will send it right away.

Thanks, and I look forward to your input.

Chris Davis



  1. “Ooohh, oohh, oohh, oohh, oohh!!! Pick me, mistu Davis!!” (with apologies to Arnold Horshack).

    Seriously, depending on the details, our family might be interested. (Actually, I know I’m interested…just not sure how things would work out.)

    • The first Academy is being held in June. Would either of you (or both) want to attend?

    • Cheryl. I have a letter of introduction plus a little brochure on the Academy. I can send both to you if you think you might be interested. Just let me know…

  2. I checked out the website, so I think I’ve already read the brochure and letter. It sounds like a very special opportunity. However, June is coming up really quickly, and hubby is short on vacation time right now….
    Do you have any idea what the program will cost? When you asked about either/both of us, did you mean my husband or my son?
    I’m thinking at this point that this June will be too soon for a trip like this for us, but I will keep thinking for now.
    Do you know what conditions/requirements they might have for what students could attend? I can think of a couple of other families that might have the resources to be interested if I can have a little more info to bounce off of them.
    Thanks for info on such a cool program.

  3. Hi Mr. Davis,

    You could check with Rivendell Sanctuary ( or Grand Canyon University as potential partners. I think you’d find them interesting, especially Rivendell.

    Peace in Christ,

    • Thanks, Greer. I will check them out. Chris

  4. Be careful.

  5. Hello Mr Davis, Is this opportunity still available?

    • I’m sorry, Bob, but this is no longer available as originally considered. I am still interested in following through with something like this, however.

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