Posted by: chrisdavis | January 13, 2011

Please Don’t Homeschool Your Children! – Part 2


[This is part 2 of the article, “Please Don’t Homeschool Your Children!”]

For thousands of years young people spent most of their time with their own families in their own homes.

Consider how unnatural that would be today!

Before public education, parents would never have thought of themselves as “home schoolers.” There simply was no alternative to children spending their day at home, having knowledge, experiences and character passed to them by their parents and extended family. What children needed to know, they learned as part of their daily lives: sowing and reaping, weather, working with their hands, why they must understand math, how a business works, how to treat customers (and everyone else, for that matter).

Life was education. To say this another way, children did not learn what they needed to know only from books; rather they learned what they needed to know because what they were doing required that they learn it.

Even when a community provided a “one-room schoolhouse” for its youth, children could attend only when the family released them from more important family-related duties.

It wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that states began passing what became known as Compulsory Attendance laws requiring parents to send their children away from home to be “schooled”.

When this happened, the family unit radically changed and parents would never raise their children the same way again. That is, until just recently; but, even then, only for a few years.

In the segments to come I will explain what created the radical change I just mentioned, what recently happened to begin restoring family integrity, and how the very thing parents are doing now may cause it to fail.

Don’t think this information is stuffy and unimportant. If you bear with me, I think you will consider it worthwhile in the end. It might even change the way you raise your children…


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