Posted by: chrisdavis | January 12, 2011

Please Don’t Homeschool Your Children!

My sons never went to school.

One day, as my oldest son and I were discussing his upbringing, I had a revelation about this thing called homeschooling.

I said to my son, “When you have kids, they won’t go to public school. They won’t go to private school. They won’t go to a Christian school.”

“And,” I concluded, “Your kids won’t be homeschooled, either.”

The realization I had while talking with my son is that, years ago, God began stirring something in the hearts of parents about restoring long-forgotten aspects of raising their children. That stirring eventually came to be called “homeschooling”; however God never intended parents to homeschool their children. Then, why do we homeschool?

[To be continued]…



  1. […] Chris Davis from the former Elijah Company has a blog! Although not every one agrees with him, he writes with insight and perspective. Interesting reading. He has done a 10 part series called ‘Please Don’t Homeschool Your Children’. Part One starts here. Once there you can follow along through the ten posts- […]

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