Posted by: chrisdavis | May 4, 2009

The khamsin

Since I’ve been in Jerusalem, the weather has been cold and cloudy. Not the hot sun and dry heat I’ve been looking forward to (and have come to expect in Israel).

Two days ago I took this picture from the balcony of the apartment here in Jerusalem. You could see all the way to the Mountains of Moab in Jordan. This morning, what is known in the Middle East as the khamsin (also called the sharav) paid us a visit. The Khamsin is a scorchingly hot, dry desert wind which blows across Israel all the way from the Arabian Desert. I took this picture at the same time of day from the same balcony. We closed all the doors and windows tight and, still, the fine, yellow-brown dust seeped into the apartment, covering everything, including my computer. The temperature today was 85 degrees. Tomorrow it drops 20 degrees and stays cool all next week.

Tomorrow I wash clothes and pack for the upcoming 2-week tour beginning Wednesday. So, I will probably not be blogging for a couple of weeks.

So far it’s either been too cold or too dusty to get out much. Only one day so far. I hope to go downtown tomorrow if the dust settles. I’ve become pretty good at Sudoku.

See you all in a couple of weeks. Shalom…



  1. Have a great tour & stay warm or cool or whatever…ha ha. I’ll be praying for a great adventure for you.

  2. Those pictures seem analogous to life at times, eh? The weather you left behind in TN is similar in that it’s been very fickle! Cool and rainy and then a few days of glorious warmth and sunshine.

    Have fun with your tour group! I know it will be fabulous.

  3. Still lurking, Chris! I always enjoy the journals of your travels to Israel. Maybe someday I’ll buckle down and actually take a trip there. In the meantime, will you let me live vicariously through yours? 🙂

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