Posted by: chrisdavis | May 2, 2009

First Sabbath

Arrived at Scott & Theresa’s apt late Wed night and spent Fri chilling out and catching up on sleep. “Chilling out” is the operative phrase. It’s cold here!

Friday Theresa cooked most of the day and the soldiers (plus others) gathered for the Sabbath meal (about 15 of us). Scott cooked his famous chicken wangs (these guys are from east Tennessee) and we waited to eat until some of the more orthodox Jewish soldiers returned from synagogue.

We all ate until I could hardly get upstairs to bed. Everyone else stayed up and played games, some until after 3AM.

Today (Sat) is Shabbat, so I wasn’t awakened by the usual sound of diesel buses roaring up the hill. Instead, it was the crows cawing at one another. Today was a little warmer. Nothing moves on Saturday except Arab and non-religious Jews in their cars, so it’s very quiet.

I took a walk up the hill and photographed some of the spring flowers: 1 2. I particularly like this picture of the desert south of Jerusalem where it blooms for about 2 weeks/year.

I walked up to Abraham’s Overlook. You can see the Temple Mount in the distance although it’s a cloudy day. Use your imagination to take away everything man-made and you will see what Abraham saw when he first arrived at the place where I stood to take this picture: A low hill called “Mt. Moriah” where God told him to sacrifice Isaac (on the spot where the golden dome now stands).

From the balcony of Scott and Theresa’s apt, I could look east and see all the way to the Mountains of Moab. These mountains can only be seen from here a few days/year. Don’t know why they can be seen today as overcast as it is. They are on the eastern side of the Jordan River in the country of Jordan, so you can see how close I live to the Jordanian border.

Several soldiers stayed the night and we are all spending a very lazy day eating, reading and being on our computers.


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