Posted by: chrisdavis | October 3, 2008

Final Shabbat

“You are worried and bothered about so many things; but only a few things are necessary, really only one….”–Jesus [emphasis in the original]

I cooked some mashed potatoes and we will probably eat that and have some hot dogs for Shabbat. And, of course, we will open our last bottle of wine. Daniel was invited to his girlfriend’s home for Shabbat dinner, but decided to stay with me for my final Shabbat in Israel.

Even though the weather here has turned beautiful (cool breezes and warm, sunny days), I am really looking forward to leaving Israel and returning to Tennessee, at least for a little while.

I am still looking for employment, mostly overseas, but I will go wherever the Lord opens the door. Right now I seem to only have possibilities in China and Costa Rica. But, we’ll see. Basically, I am waiting for my “next assignment” (for those of you who know what that means).

The picture at the head of this post is a sunset over the Mediterranean Sea at the world’s oldest port (Jaffa) at the site where Jonah boarded a ship to sail away from God’s will for his life.  Isn’t it nice that He makes sure we eventually come around to His purposes for our lives? He is faithful in all things!

Shabbat Shalom to all.

PS: At the last minute I decided to make each of us a 3 egg omelet with cheese, tomatoes and bacon (just kidding), it was some sort of non-piggy, pepperoni-looking meat. But, good.

The wine was great.



  1. Costa Rica? Wow! I have a great book on living abroad in Costa Rica you’ll have to borrow. 🙂 (I’ve researched language schools there.) It looks likes a fantastic place to live.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you again!


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