Posted by: chrisdavis | September 30, 2008

Happy New Year

“Man is not defined by that which denies him, but by that which affirms him”–Elie Wiesel

This morning I was awakened by an altogether new noise for me. Normally, I am waked up at about 5:30AM by the local Muazzim calling everyone to morning prayers from atop the minaret of one of the mosques across the street. The “call” is really a recording, and it’s loud enough to wake me up.

Instead, this morning I was treated to all the minarets in the area singing out some Arabic song. Not exactly a choir but I think they were singing the same thing. And, it was live! They were celebrating the end of Ramadan.

It’s the Jewish New Year today!

I can tell you what the Jewish New Year means: FOOD. Food that smells up the entire neighborhood with the most delicious scents of the year. It’s made worse because everyone is eating outside on their patios.

I made French toast for Daniel and myself this morning. That’s about as tasty as it gets for us with Theresa Johnson in America. As I sit next to my open window writing this, I can smell all the wonderful smells of an Israeli New Year’s Day celebration meal. The noises of these celebrations are also entering through my open window. Laughing and shouting and singing and the clanging of plates and glasses.

It’s a beautiful, fall day with a breeze and a warm sun. It must have rained during the night because this morning the low places on the patio floor had little puddles of water. I have just hung out my laundry on the patio and the breeze and the warm sun are drying out my clothes. Today is one of only two times since I’ve been here that it is clear enough for me to see all the way into the country of Jordan.

Well, it is now nighttime and I’m tired. Not that I’ve done anything today; I’m just tired. I think I’m finally ready to get back to base and see “my people”. I leave a week from tomorrow.

Good night.



  1. Just don’t forget to come see us when you see the boy!

    We’re excited about you coming back. (Purely selfish motive…we just like hanging out with you.)

  2. Love the Elie Wiesel quote…and thanks for the update (I typed “up-fate” initially, interesting slip!). I’ll have to tell you about meeting Wiesel sometime. 🙂

  3. Misty. Please tell me how you met him. I’ve been reading some of his writings. Very dark stuff…

  4. Theresa. Will do

  5. Well, you’re leaving to come home the day I am leaving to go! I guess we’ll be in the sky together, flying by or something! You have to promise to come visit us in Knoxville when I get back. How was your visit with Yossi?

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