Posted by: chrisdavis | September 26, 2008


Woke up this morning before sunrise and made some coffee. Walked outside on the 2nd floor patio to pray. As the sun rose, Jerusalem seemed to be shrouded in mist even though the sky was cloudless.

I stood on the balcony and watched the branches of the trees being blown back and forth by a strong, cold wind. It looked like a landscape of worshippers. Below me, people were walking their dogs or scurrying to the bus stop wearing sweaters or windbreakers for the first time. It is like Maine in October. Fall has descended on Jerusalem.

Someone in the apartment complex is already preparing their Shabbat meal. It smells totally delicious.

I was going to say more about Daniel, but decided it wouldn’t be prudent to say anything more about his personal life and our time together. I need to respect the fact that he is being considered for a position in Israel’s Special Forces. This forum is too public. After I made some remarks a few blogs ago about the Law, I received a long comment in Arabic. It’s probably only spam, but that let me know more people might be reading blogs than I thought.

I’m getting packed to leave later this morning to spend my last Shabbat weekend with Danny and Judy in Ma’ale Levona. I plan to return by bus to Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon.

A big happy birthday to Martha Weaver tomorrow. To the CCP Box Office: give me an update on how everyone is doing there. To the Perrys and Newbolds: I may be home really soon. Rebekah: give Charlie a hug for me. If I return to Tennessee, I’ll come visit.

Update: It’s now 9AM. The wind has died a little but is still blowing. Rain clouds have moved in over the City. I might just be able to use my umbrella for the first time ever. Received an email this morning from a teacher in China with whom I have been communicating. He is one of the main reasons I’ve turned down all the contracts China has sent me. But, this morning, he wrote saying I should reconsider China: “Maybe I was too strong in my negatives about this place.” Maybe…


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