Posted by: chrisdavis | September 1, 2008

On tour

“The Lord accomplishes far more through a people who have entered His rest than from a multitude of people doing works in His name”
paraphrased from a word recently shared with me by a friend

Tonight my hosts, Scott and Theresa (seen here sitting on their patio) will be leaving for the States for 5 weeks. They leave their apartment to the 2 Lone Soldiers who live with them.

The soldiers are good, young men. Very responsible and hard working and always hugging you. In this picture, the one on the right is the youngest. He will enter the Israeli Special Forces this November. He is from Lithuania and has already served a term in the French Foreign Legion. He speaks Lithuanian, English, French, Russian and Hebrew. The man on the left is from Russia and has completed his IDF service (so, technically, he’s not a soldier any more). His name is Vladimir. He is from Russia and also speaks several languages. Both men are Jews. Vladimir is flying to the States in a week to spend some time with Scott and Theresa.

I will be leaving tomorrow to be on tour until next Sunday. On Sunday and Monday I will have internet; but, after Monday, Sep 8th, I pick back up with the tour group and will not have internet again until the 20th.

I can think of so many of you I would love to have joining me on this trip! Biblical Israel is awesome. I will try to take pictures to whet your appetite so you will join up next year.


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