Posted by: chrisdavis | August 30, 2008

August 29-30

“…for this reason I found mercy, in order that in me as the foremost [of sinners], Jesus Christ might demonstrate His perfect patience….”–1 Timothy 1:16

“It is God’s kindness to put someone in your life who understands you” –Anne Frank (paraphrase)

This has been a long week while I have waited for word from the resumes I’ve sent all over the planet. I don’t particularly like waiting and would rather be working. But, I’ve also had time to relax and pray.

One of the Lone Soldiers was having his Tekas yesterday not far from Caesarea (which is near the coast). Scott and Theresa were going to support the soldier and they asked me to come along. A Tekas is a once a year graduation ceremony for new soldiers who have gone through basic training and have earned their green berets. The day before the ceremony they hike 50 kilometers to the base where the ceremony is to take place. On the day of the ceremony, we all gathered on the hillside to watch. It was very similar to watching a high school graduation. In this picture, they have gotten their green berets.

For you, Seth, the soldier in this picture is Danny and Judy’s son, Yossi Kransdorf.

There was a really nice sunrise this morning as I walked to Abraham’s Overlook. The days are hot and humid (hot and humid here means 95 degrees and 50% humidity); but, this morning, as I looked over the hazy valley to the Temple Mount, it was breezy and almost cold. At the top of this post is a picture of my constant morning companion. I can’t tell if he’s guarding me or just wondering what I’m doing.

It is Friday afternoon right now and we are getting ready to help clean the house for guests before the Shabbat meal, so I will finish this tomorrow. There are some developments happening that I can report to you…

Here’s what happened yesterday:

1. I was asked if I wanted to interview for a position at an international tutoring company with offices here in Israel. This would have been a nice opportunity since I could pretty much choose my hours. However, I decided to be open and let them know I wasn’t Jewish. I received an immediate reply that the interview was off! Having grown up in the deep South during the Civil Rights Movement and experiencing the depths of discrimination in people’s hearts, I would never have guessed an entire country would discriminate against me due to my “religious beliefs”. I’m not surprised, really. Discrimination is basically the outward expression of a spirit of fear and that’s what is going on here, too.

2. I received an email telling me that there were some job openings in Amman, Jordan. There are almost never openings in Jordan and so I sent a resume.

3. I received an email from the placement agency in China that has been looking to place me in that country. I have already received 3 contracts from schools in China and have turned them all down. Most teachers looking for work in China are what the professionals call “backpackers”. These are young people who want the expreience of living in China for a short period and are willing to take any pay or are willing to be treated with no respect in exchange for the Chinese experience. Most English language schools in China are not really schools at all as much as they are businesses and their contracts reflect their lack of respect for young people who want to visit China and work there. I finally told the placement agency that I don’t want any more unprofessional contracts from non-professional “schools”. Any more contracts schools in China send me need to be HONORABLE. I didn’t expect to hear from them again. However, within an hour I received another email saying, in effect, “Oh, I understand what you want. I think I can put you with a school that will send you a contract that is honorable.” Duh.

4. I may have already said that I had an email last week from the principal of a school in Turkey apologizing for taking so long to get back to me. She said that she would like to begin the hiring process if I was still interested. The first step was for me to send her an essay on why I wanted to teach English. So, I sent the essay and she emailed me yesterday saying, “I really liked your essay. When are you available for an interview?” I told her “Sunday or Monday since I begin my 3-week tour here in Israel on Tuesday.”

What do I think of all this?

1st: I am pretty much of the opinion that I don’t want to live in Israel. Or, at least in a big city like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Unless something comes “out of the blue”, I can’t even see myself staying in Israel. My visa expiration date is Oct 8th (which is also the date of my return ticket to the States). I could extend this termination date, but something would have to come up that I’m not expecting at this time (like the Hebrew University here in Jerusalem offering me a position, which I’m not expecting to happen).

2nd, I can’t see myself in China. I don’t like what I’ve seen about how Chinese treat people. The Communist mindset looks at everything and everybody as a commodity to be used to someone else’s benefit.

3rd, I have done all I know to do here. If nothing transpires by October 8th, I may return to Tennessee on my return flight.

4th, I’m kind of surprised that I’m not even a little anxious about the future. I want only one thing from the Lord: Let me in on what You’re doing in my generation and give me the opportunity to join in with whatever gifts You’ve given me to help out.

I’m sure there’s more exciting things to come from the Throne of Grace!



  1. Thanks for the update.

  2. We continue to pray for you…

  3. Aren’t you grafted into the olive branch? So doesn’t that make you a Jew inwardly? And if one inwardly, outwardly as well. So then your are Jewish I’d say. Maybe change your name to Himmelfarb. Yeh, Abraham Himmelfarb. Afterall you are doing the Abraham “thing” … venturing to a new land and all. -J

  4. We will continue to pray. The Lord certainly has a plan for His good purposes in your life Chris. He gave you the talents and He will lead you to His purpose.

    As I type we are watching Hurricane Gustav head towards the Gulf coast. We are horrified that the same communities will be hit again. We are also watching Tropical Storm Hanna take aim at us.

    We have movers arriving Tuesday to take most of our belongings north. We weren’t supposed to move til the 19th. But, it could be that we head out ahead of Hanna. Our home in Michigan is waiting for us – we closed on it last week.

    Life is amazing and mysterious. Glad for blogs, cell phones, and internet.

    Valerie for the family

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