Posted by: chrisdavis | August 21, 2008


“…live the rest of your life in the flesh…for the will of God.”–1 Peter 4:2

Left the apartment early this morning to walk up the hill to pray. The sun was just coming up at around 6:15.

Some people were just getting into their cars to go to work. Some were walking their dogs. What is so strange to me about Israel is that no one ever says, “Hello” or “Good morning”; not even a “boker tov”. They all walk past one another, looking down, and not acknowledging anyone else. Must be similar to New York because that’s not what I’m used to in Tennessee.

Yesterday I was emailed another contract from a school in China. This time I returned the email with line-by-line comments about the contract: how it was unnecessarily vague, etc. I finally said that I was looking forward to receiving a contract from a school that was both specific and honorable, something I’d not yet received. When I sent that email, I assumed I would not hear from China again. They are very much into graciousness and don’t like directness.

Then, this morning I received an email from a different school asking if I was truly interested in teaching in China. The lady said she had been sent my information from the person who had sent the previous contract. I wrote back restating that I was only interested in looking over a contract that was both explicit and honorable. Then, just a few minutes ago, this lady called me on the phone from China and asked again, “Would I be willing to receive a contract?” I told her I would and she said I would receive it tomorrow. Hmmm.

Then, about an hour ago, I had an email from the Director of two schools in Turkey. The schools are called UKLA Academy. The Director apologized for being so long responding to my resume and he asked if I would be interested in a position with his school. I emailed back saying I would be interested. His response was that we needed to begin the hiring process, which included my sending him an essay on why I wanted to teach English to foreign students. I can’t help feeling that China is not really where I’m supposed to be, but I don’t want to close any doors just now. I do feel that I will have some sense of where I’m going by the end of the month.

It’s now Thursday evening. This morning I sent my essay to the school in Turkey. I also received an email from the school in China stating that I should receive their contract by tomorrow. However, tonight Danny and Judy are picking me up in Jerusalem and I will spend Friday through Sunday in Ma’ale Levona with them, so I may not know any news until I return to J.

I don’t mind working at all. I do need money to live. I just don’t want anything I do to distract from “living the rest of my life in the flesh…for the will of God.”



  1. Hey Chris,

    I am catching up with your news. I am glad to hear there is still interest from others wanting you to teach. I know Abba has great plans for you.


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