Posted by: chrisdavis | August 6, 2008

Theresa’s birthday and looking for work

“Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law”–Romans 13:8

[By the way, the picture at the top of this post is the coastline of Israel taken from the north-easternmost corner of Israel with my back to the border of Lebanon.]

Some of you have asked me to include pictures of common, everyday things here in Jerusalem. So, I’m going to oblige while telling you what’s happened the past couple of days. I’ll do more of this in the days to come.

I began the day with a great talk with Seth in California. It was late at night for him and mid morning for me. We talked on Skype using our mini-cameras. Seth is doing very well and prospering. While I’m crowing about the boys, James has been asked to have a private audition for Universal Studios for a possible job in Japan and Blake is moving to Nashville tomorrow to begin his work as a Producer’s Assistant on a new movie there.

Ahem. Now back to Me: One of the Lone Soldiers who lives in the Johnson’s apartment works as a security guard at a new office building about a 20 minute bus ride from our apartment. Daniel said he had become friends with a man who works in the office building with a company teaching English to foreigners. The name of the business is Wall Street Institute. This company has centers in lots of countries and has several here in Israel.

So, Monday, Scott took Daniel and me and dropped us off at the office building where Daniel introduced me to his friend. I gave the man copies of my resume and other papers. He said they definitely need teachers and will be contacting me shortly.

Then I walked from the office building to another part of town where I was looking for a hardware store I had seen there two years ago. Actually, I was looking for a specific present for Danny’s wife, Judy. When I finally found the store I was really proud of myself because it had been two years since I’d been to that store and I had walked several miles to get to it without making a wrong turn. How smart is me! I found the present and even found a bus stop that was the right number bus to take me back to the apartment. By now I was exhausted because of the heat and so I settled into the seat looking forward to getting home in time to talk with the Perrys on Skype. However, pretty soon I noticed that the bus was taking me in the wrong direction. Or, to be more honest, I had gotten the bus on the wrong side of the street. It took me almost 2 hours to get back home. How smart is me?

Yesterday (Tuesday) was Theresa’s birthday. I left the apartment after hanging out my laundry to dry on the patio (should have taken a picture of this). Here’s a pic of looking down the street toward the bus stop. My bus stop in front of a newly build synagogue.

I was headed downtown to get Theresa a birthday card and then on to the Shuk (Jerusalem’s central market) because she said she wanted some fresh peaches. I can’t express how amazing this place is with all the smells of fresh-baked breads, as well as everything else that is delicious. Everyone is yelling and in a hurry. Some soldiers were walking through the Skuk and singing and chanting for some reason I didn’t know. People stopped and began to clap to the rhythm of the soldier’s chanting.

Last night Scott and Theresa prepared a great meal for Theresa’s birthday and several friends showed up for the party. Here is a picture of eating out on the patio (notice the nargela–the water pipe, which is a favorite pastime among the Lone Soldiers).

It is customary in Israel to put the birthday person in a chair and raise them off the ground as many times as they are old. We give spankings for a person’s age; Israelis raise the person in a chair. (?)

More about jobs: I have been in contact with an agency wanting to put me into a school in China. they are going to set up an interview with the school in the next few days. Right now, I don’t know anything about the school and have asked him for the school’s website and the contact information for a couple of current or former teachers so I can get their input. Also, I am still in contact with my friends in Turkey who seem to really want me to move there. And…I have sent a couple of resumes to Kuwait and Cairo. I’m having fun with all this and am looking forward to whatever comes out of it all.

Thanks, Mike, for saying “hi”. Comments let me know someone is reading this thing.

Today I am going to answer emails and finish a couple of chapters of my book to send to the publisher in California. Will share more later.

Phil & Deb. I still want to talk to you on Skype.



  1. I loved this. I can’t wait to read past entries and catch up. This is the type of experiences I miss!!!!!!!!!

    Personally, I hope the Lord leads you to be asked to teach in Jerusalem. But that’s just me.

    What book? What is it about?


  2. This is delightful reading Chris. Love hearing what’s going on.

    How did you get into the circuit with all these international job offers? (Daydreaming of travel with my family…)

    We are absolutely thrilled for you and the boys. And guess what? Molly, Daniel and I are going to be extras in the film Blake is working on! How fun is that?

    Hugs from TN, t and gang

  3. We read…we don’t always comment. But now that you have imbedded the photos…we sure do a lot more. Please give Theresa a belated birthday hug from the Logans. Last time she saw me I was on the phone at the Jaffa Gate…three years ago. We need to come back.
    Chris, we are praying God’s best for you and your job situation…He knows the desire of your heart and He put it there. Like Darlene I am sure hoping it’s in Jerusalem.
    Scott’s back from AZ and his dad is doing much better…just in case you added him to your morning prayers…he can now be a morning praise. We love you.

  4. Yes, he has been in my morning prayers and will now be in my praises.

  5. Chris- Deb told me of your website and I have been enjoying being in Israel through you. Thought you’d be interested to know that my son Bill is getting married at 45 for the first time to a girl who is also 45 and never been married. Both are walking with the Lord. Sorry you won’t be at Daniel’s wedding, but I can see that you are right where the Lord wants you. Much love, Deena

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