Posted by: chrisdavis | August 1, 2008

My hosts

This morning I got up, made some coffee and ate some toast with Raspberry-Pomegranate jelly. Life is sweet!

Then I walked the 7-8 minutes up the street to the top of the hill. The hill is where Abraham first saw Mt. Moriah across the valley (where the golden dome now stands) when he came here to sacrifice Isaac. It is where I come to pray for the family and whatever any of you have asked me to pray for. Weather is really nice and there is usually a breeze blowing from the area of the Temple Mount across the valley while I’m praying.

This is such a land of contrasts where the Orthodox can’t shave their sideburns, but they can smoke as many cigarettes as they want to and where girls enter the army at age 18 for two years and the army provides them with two free abortions during their time of service.

I am staying with Scott and Theresa Johnson from Sevierville, Tennessee.

Scott and Theresa have a large apartment (view from the street) (the balcony with the flags is their front door). Their ministry is to take in Lone Soldiers. Lone Soldiers are young men and women who have grown up Jewish in various parts of the world. Often, after a Bar Mitzvah (boys) or Bat Mitzvah (girls), the person begins questioning his or her Jewishness. In Judaism, questioning is not allowed. Some are put out of their families, others turn to drugs and alcohol and still others are just harassed for being Jewish.

What they all have in common is that they find themselves coming to Israel to join the army. This is the one place they just might feel at “home”. But, of course, they bring their problems with them to one of the craziest places on the planet.

Scott and Theresa have a testimony of having been delivered by God from drugs and alcohol and these young people can relate. The Johnsons open their home for a day, week or months since the Lone Soldiers come here with little experience of love, no place to live and usually penniless.

So, today the three of us spent most of the day cleaning the apartment and Theresa is preparing for tonight’s Sabbath meal. She is a great cook and usually makes enough food to last the rest of the week. I don’t know if any Lone Soldiers are coming for supper. There are usually plenty of them. The soldier who currently lives with the Johnson will be working tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone and let me hear from you. Hey, to the CCP Box Office crew! What’s up with you?



  1. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for the pictures and history, i love reading your blog it is very intersting. Hope everything is going well for you. Things here are about the same, you know box office land, HA HA

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