Posted by: chrisdavis | July 30, 2008

Trip over

Last night we drove some happy travelers to the airport and said “goodbye”. I can’t say enough about this group. The teenage boys all got along and the 12 year old did just fine as the only girl. The adults were a hoot, laughing and crying as we visited sites they had only dreamed about for years. It was a great time for all!

On the last day of the tour, while we were riding somewhere on the bus, I had the strongest impression that I would return to the apartment in Jerusalem and check my emails and I would have an email from the school in Cairo saying that they were rescinding the contract they had sent me two weeks ago.

Well, as soon as I returned to Jerusalem, I checked my emails and there was an email from the Administrator of the school in Cairo. She said the owners of the school had told her she could not make any new hires for the next school year. She was embarrassed and very sorry since she had already sent me a contract. I wrote her and said that I was not really surprised and thanked her for her concern. I also told her that I was still prepared to accept the contract, and would consider it if things changed before school began in three weeks.

Tomorrow I will be interviewing with the principal of a small Christian school here in Jerusalem. It will be interesting to see what the Lord ultimately has in mind for me.

Here are some pictures from the tour. Place your cursor over the brown letters and left click to see the picture.

The spring where Gideon reduced his army to 300

The water tunnel King Hezekiah dug under Jerusalem

View from our motel at the Sea of Galilee

Visiting the Western Wall at night

A friendly critter at the Sea of Galilee

The synagogue where Jesus gave his “Unless you eat my body…” sermon

The group on the Temple Mount

The group sifting through Temple Mount debris

This last picture is particularly interesting because the Palestinians (who have control of the Temple Mount) are digging out hundreds of truckloads of dirt from under the Temple Mount to build an underground mosque that will seat thousands of “worshipers”. In the process, they are destroying the history of the Temple Mount, which is one of the richest archaeological sites in the world. They are grinding up anything they find that relates to Jewish history and are dumping the rest in a local Arab landfill. Some young archaeologists are taking the dirt and slowly going through it, bucket by bucket. Our group was allowed to help them. They say it will take 10 years to complete the task. Our group found ancient artifacts, including a coin.



  1. Thanks for the pictures especially this time Chris! We had just had a sermon a few weeks back about Jesus teaching about eating his body and drinking his blood. Pretty cool that we can “see” the very place! And I loved the picture of the spring where Gideon sorted out his army! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

    Hoping the interview goes well at the Christian school in Jerusalem. That seems like a pretty cool potential.

    It’s HOT here – in the 90’s but so far no hurricanes. We are thankful!

    Stay healthy!


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