Posted by: chrisdavis | July 15, 2008


It’s Tuesday evening, 6PM and I’m finally able to sit in a chair and write. Last night Theresa made a huge Mexican dinner for all of us: Scott, herself, me and 3 “lone soldiers”. It was great. But, a couple of hours later I headed for the bathroom where I stayed most of the night and today. Scott even got sick, but went to work this morning, anyway. I haven’t moved most of the day. Fever, headache, cramps. Maybe I’m pregnant!

I don’t remember being this sick or this weak in recent memory. When my suitcases arrived this afternoon, I couldn’t take them upstairs. I couldn’t even take myself upstairs.

I am trying to unpack my suitcases and repack into a small duffel bag for the next 4 days. Danny is picking me up to meet the tour group tomorrow and then taking me to Ma’ale Levona for Wed night through Sunday.

I have pictures to upload on this blog, but just don’t have the energy to do it. You will have to wait.

All will be well.



  1. Hi Chris,

    I hate to hear you aren’t feeling to great. We’ll be praying for a speedy recovery. As of June 30 we are parents to the “Parrent” girls forever and ever, AMEN!! WOO HOO!! Things here are going good. Keep up the blogging.


    Grace and Peace be multiplied to you…
    2 Peter 1:2

  2. We will be praying for you, Chris. What a rocky start on your new adventure.

    We may be seeing Blake tomorrow! Too funny—we were both emailing each other at the same time, both of us talking about his coming over here for a look-see.

    We have a rental house now and watching our little business grow. Things are going well.

    Prayers and blessings, t

  3. awe! I’m so sorry thats no fun…. Im glad you are back to blogging though- i still dream about going to Israel… miss you though!

  4. Hey Chris, WARNING only read this after you are feel recovered!

    Sorry to hear about your sickness-I don’t suppose you want to even think about T**o B**l anymore, (if you were pregnant you might have a chihuahua) lol. You might want to ask someone to throw some guacamole at me. Maybe you are in the wrong hemisphere for Mexican food. Well we miss you very much and are glad you got your suitcases.

    Hope for a speedy recovery

  5. So are you better by now? We are praying!

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