Posted by: chrisdavis | July 13, 2008


At 6:30AM this morning I finally walked out of the Tel Aviv airport and got into a sherrut (a van that serves as a taxi) and headed for Jerusalem.

I was supposed to leave Knoxville at 5PM Thursday for the first leg of the journey, but every airplane I got on was delayed for one reason or another so that I kept missing connecting flights. It took me over 3 days to get to Israel. I was able to take a shower after wearing the same clothes for 4 days. I’m exhausted but happy to finally be here.

The biggest problem is that my suitcases (which contain everything I need to live over here for up to 2 years) never made it. I can only hope they arrive soon.

The “silver lining” in the cloud is that the airline gave me a little bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, a razor and soap and a new, white t-shirt. They also gave me $100.00 to make up for my luggage not having arrived.

Weather in Jerusalem is hot and dry–just the way I like it. However, as the evening approaches, a cool breeze is coming in over the city.

I am too sleepy to write more. Can barely keep my eyes open…

I can’t talk to any of you on Skype until my suitcases arrive with my headphones or camera.




  1. Praying for your bags to catch up with you intact!

  2. Obstacle after Obstacle…
    You must be doing something right!
    We will be praying for those few creature comforts you have in those bags to make it to your side. Greet Scott and Teresa for us!
    Much Love and prayer…
    The Logans

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