Posted by: chrisdavis | July 11, 2008

Trying to leave the US

Noon, 7/11. My plane was supposed to leave Knoxville yesterday at 5PM, but the weather in Chicago kept the plane in Knoxville for hours. On the plane and to the runway. Back to the gate and off the plane. Then, onto the plane again. The pilots even tried to cancel the flight, but the gate attendants wouldn’t allow it. What a night!

I finally made it to Chicago at midnight, missing my flight to Germany. By 2AM this morning I made it to the front of the customer service line and got a ticket to Washington, DC leaving at 8:00AM. So I caught several 10 minute naps anywhere in the Chicago terminal I could find to lie down. By the time Starbucks opened at 5AM I was pretty hungry and got some coffee and a snack.

Slept on and off as I flew to Washington, DC where I now sit waiting for my 5PM flight to Germany. It turns out I will be exactly 12 hours late to Tel Aviv. Not too bad. Instead of landing in Israel at 3AM, I’ll land at 3PM tomorrow afternoon (unless something else happens).

I would love to take a bus to downtown DC and walk around the Mall (one of my favorite places), but, I’m just too tired.

Blake and Charles: I tried to call you to say “goodbye” (and to see if you, Charles, could pick me back up at the airport in Knoxville so I could leave the next day), but lots of airports have taken away their wall phones since nearly everyone has cell phones nowadays. And, Blake, I realized that I don’t have you phone number at all.

Oh, well. Only 4 hours to go before my flight leaves for Germany. I’m doing fine and looking forward to the next few days.



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