Posted by: chrisdavis | July 9, 2008

One day to go

Last night I spent the evening with a fellow homeschool family, the Logans. What a great family and amazing kids! Thanks to you for good food and fellowship. We will stay in touch in the months to come and you can visit me any time…

Later on last night James and Blake drove to Knoxville and we ended up spending a late evening at Waffle House kidding around and watching James eat a double order of hash browns smothered in a double order of chili covered with hot sauce. This was at midnight. Iron-stomach man.

Goodbyes were long and hard. I may not see them for awhile.

James flies to New York in a few hours to begin his career in the Big Apple. Go James!!!!!!!

Blake is still considering his next move but should be making a decision soon. I know all will be well with him. I love you, son.

I just hung up with the Administrator of the school in Cairo. She couldn’t give me a firm answer because she has decided to create a new position at the school which she wants to offer me, but she needs an “OK” from the Board of Directors first. I told her I was not in any hurry because it looked as if other offers were coming to me and I needed time to sort through everything before I could give her an answer. She said she was fine with this…

The American University in Beirut has sent out emails asking people to send back letters of recommendation. I will send them my Teaching Philosophy sometime later today.

So, all is pretty much done and I’m ready to leave tomorrow.

It’s been great staying with the Newbolds. Some people have a gift for hospitality and the Newbolds are one of those couples.



  1. I am so sorry that we will not be able to connect before you are gone Chris. You have been on our hearts and in our prayers.

    Yesterday my 2 copies of Angel arrived…sadly too late for me to get them to you for your “autograph”! I will always be humbled that you put my words on your opening page. Your wisdom is certainly ingrained on the opening pages of our family’s learning journey.

    So glad for your blog. We will continue to watch the world with you!

    Sent with love and appreciation for all you are and for who you are in Christ!


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