Posted by: chrisdavis | July 8, 2008

Today is Tuesday, July 8. Two days to go before leaving the States.

My interview with the Administrator of the Hayah International School in Cairo went great. We talked over Skype for almost two hours. The lady is a delightful person who moved to Cairo with her husband a year ago. She answered all my questions and even told me the salary she could pay. She has one more interview today and will let me know tomorrow the person she chooses to work at the school.

If I am offered a position in Cairo I will have to ask her to wait for a decision from me. I had another email from the American University of Beirut this morning asking for people who could give me a recommendation. I have not yet written the “philosophy of education” they asked me to send them. I will try to do that tomorrow and send it off.

I have also sent my personal information to the Lebanese American University. Both these universities are in Beirut with the American University of Beirut being the most prestigious university in the Middle East.

The tour I set up in Israel begins 4 days after I arrive. I will join the tour off and on. I will guide Christian Jerusalem and all the north (the ministry areas of Jesus). Sometime at the end of the month, when the principal of the Christian school in Jerusalem returns from vacation, I will interview with him for a position in his school. Of course, I would prefer living in Jerusalem, but the school in Cairo pays well, with a free apartment, and lots of good people to work with. But, I want to wait to see what happens with the others schools.

James and Blake are driving to Knoxville as I write this. We will spend about an hour together, saying our “goodbyes”, before they go to a party here. James leaves for New York tomorrow (thanks a bunch to the Bennetts). Blake may move soon to Nashville???

Hope all is well with whomever is reading this blog.


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