Posted by: chrisdavis | June 26, 2008

Final 2 weeks

Well, it’s 14 days and counting. I leave Knoxville 2 weeks from today.

It was good being with Seth and his roommates this past week. Really laid back.

Last Saturday night we watched from his patio as lightning set fires all over the hills surrounding Redding. The next few days the sun was an orange disk in a smoked-filled sky. The whole city smelled like one big campfire. Couldn’t spend much time out of doors. But, it was too hot anyway.

Now I’m back in Tennessee with a long “to do” list. Lots to finalize before I leave. I wish I could visit everyone just to say “goodbye”.



  1. Chris your life has brought you so much!! Never thought that you would be the one to travel all over the world. We are so proud of you and behind 110% of the way. Don’t forget the little people in your journeys!!

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