Posted by: chrisdavis | June 17, 2008

To California

I had a great Father’s Day with James and Blake taking me to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Today, I fly to California to spend the week with Seth. When I get back I’ll visit Trina in Atlanta. All this is sort of my “goodbye” to the kids. Did I say “kids”? Trina is now 45, Seth is 27, James is 25 and Blake is 22.

Who is old? Me? When do we ever get too old to do what He is leading us to do and when do we ever get too old to trust Him as we go?

As I get ready to head overseas, James has an airline ticket for New York to show the Big City what he can do. Blake is moving forward toward his dreams and Seth is doing what he loves in California. Of course, Trina is the best in her field. It’s wonderful to see all your children doing what they want to do and be really good at it!

I now have two contracts to teach in China and have had responses from Saudi Arabia, East Timor, UAE, Taiwan, Turkey, Micronesia and Lebanon. And, just a few days ago I had an email from a new school in Cairo asking me to send them my “philosophy of education.” This should be fun…

Some old friends have offered their apartment in Bethlehem and have suggested that there might even be a teaching position in one of the schools in that town. Bethlehem is sort of a “ghost town” right now and housing prices are pretty low. But, I will probably stay with the couple I spent the summer with two years ago. They are great people and lots of fun. Their apartment is in the extreme southern portion of Jerusalem, not far from the northern part of Bethlehem.

I am hoping to be in Israel by the second week of July. I’m trying to figure out a way to get there without having to purchase a round-trip ticket since I don’t plan to be returning to the US for some time (and Israel will not allow a person to enter the country without proof that they will leave within 3 months).

Time to go west. I’ll write more later.



  1. Just sitting here wondering (while you are enroute to Israel) if you got a round ticket or one-way…


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