Posted by: chrisdavis | November 23, 2007

Writing a philosophy

I am getting ready to apply for a teaching position in a school in Jerusalem. They have required that I send them my personal philosophy of education in 200 words or less. Try to write your philosophy of anything in 200 words or less! Not easy. But, I’ve tried and decided to post it here. I admit it is written with this particular school in mind; but, it’s really what I believe. So here’s my philosophy of education in 200 words:

Never before in history have nations been required to pay so much attention to preparing their youth for a place in an ever-shrinking world where technology dominates, communication is instantaneous and individuals must eliminate negative (or arrogant) attitudes toward other people-groups and cultures or face certain failure.

It is imperative that today’s young people receive an education adequate to the times. However, as schools strive to provide a quality, contemporary education, are they also able to answer the question, “How does one raise and educate an individual so his or her life will ultimately glorify God?”

Christian educators must approach their tasks by first acknowledging that, in the sight of God, there are no “generic” human beings. Rather, God creates each individual with certain specific talents and giftings and then commands us to “Raise up a child according to his way…” (Proverbs 22). God intends that those who raise and educate the next generation help that generation become skilled in those areas in which God has gifted each child. Then, the promise of Proverbs 22 can be fulfilled in each: “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will not stand before ordinary people. He will stand before kings.”

So, there you have it in 200 words or less. By the way, Thanksgiving was great. Ate with a family whose parents have followed the above philosophy while homeschooling their 11 children for the past 25 years. Great family. Great kids. Reminds me of my own.

Hey, Elizabeth, when are you going to email me what’s going on with you guys? Tell me all… Daddy Davis awaits!


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