Posted by: chrisdavis | November 11, 2007

OK, Seth.

Seth says my last post is a month old and that I need to write more. Being the shy person that I am and, also, not thinking anyone is really out there wanting to know what I am doing, I don’t write. When I lived in Israel I wrote for my own sake, just to keep a personal journal, and I’m not of the younger generation who feels it necessary to keep a “public diary” so the whole world will know what I’m doing or thinking. Besides I consider it a little “cheap” to talk to one another this way when hearing someone else’s voice means so much to me.

BUT, since Seth says write, and I’m the ever-obedient father, I’ll share some of the latest:

I just came home from my 3rd session in a course that will prepare me to be certified in teaching English as a second language (known in the “industry” as ESL, ELL, etc.). If all goes as planned I will, by the end of next weekend, receive my certification and be able to apply for teaching jobs just about anywhere in the world. This is an interesting adventure for me as I have never liked grammar and grammar seems to be an important part of teaching English as a second language. Can you say, “Duh!” Actually, our teacher doesn’t believe that grammar is all THAT important, but I disagree. I am the oldest member of the class and am actually wishing I had done this a couple of years ago when I was a little younger.

Other than that I am still working as Principal of the little Christian school in Nashville, a city I don’t particularly care for. But, I like the work and definitely appreciate having something to do that makes me feel that I am contributing and am appreciated. Very few of the kids know the Lord and it’s nice to have the freedom (and the encouragement) to share about Jesus at any time I think it appropriate.

How’s that for now, Seth? You may actually need to coach me a little on this “blog” thing. After all, you are the one who can help bring me into the 21st century. DAD



  1. Hey Daddy Davis!
    I agree with Seth… you should blog more! I enjoy reading what is going on in your life. But i would much rather call you! You need to send me your number. 🙂
    I miss you soooo much, how are you? Joe and I both think of you often. We LOVE YOU!
    my number is 863-521-1552 and you are always welcome to visit us here in NYC, we have a 2 bedroom apartment!

  2. Hey Dad,

    Good job! Now all you need to do is spice up your life a little more so you’ll have lots of interesting things to write about ;P

    Love you lots!

    PS. Tell Liz not to share her phone number on the internet… 🙂

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