Posted by: chrisdavis | September 22, 2006

My New Year’s Gift to You

The days are cooling off and the skies are beginning to have huge, puffy clouds, portending the coming of the rainy season in about a month. Evenings are breezy and I almost need a light jacket at night.

All day people have been in a festive mood since this evening begins Rosh HaShanna–the Jewish New Year. People are exchanging gifts and calling those they know to wish them “Happy New Year”. Flowers are on the table and special desserts have been prepared. We are having a large group for dinner.

From the balcony we can hear shofars being blown even though Sunday is the only day of the year when it is required by Jewish law to blow the shofar.

As I type this, guests are beginning to arrive, so I will send you my New Year’s gift: some off-beat humor to lighten your day.

Happy New Year from Israel!

Have a little chuckle with the following:

If you need a little more “body” in your salads, try this brand

When the arrest was made, everyone was shocked

You may want to slow down and read this one carefully

I finally got it working, so please

He had a short career as an English teacher

And then, got a job with the city

UPS drivers are on a pretty tight schedule

FedEx is more laid back

This wins my vote for most clever outdoor ad



  1. I wish you had sent a picture of what you are seeing! I want to be there!
    Please don’t forget to tell everyone happy new year.

  2. Priceless! Great gift! At the computer, all by myself, laughing out loud. Thanks for the gift.

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