Posted by: chrisdavis | September 8, 2006

This week

Tuesday: Took the bus to the zoo and walked around looking for the homeschoolers. The zoo was very impressive. Wish I had taken some pictures. Anyway, we all sat under a shade tree while we discussed lots of issues, most of them having nothing to do with homeschooling. These women are very “natural”: they breastfeed in front of everyone and some let their very young children go around naked. There are Orthodox Jews and non-religious Jews mixed in the group. But, they all get along very well and I had a good time. I find that most people are willing to talk when you ask lots of questions and are interested in what they have to say.

One couple has just arrived in Israel with their daughters. They are Christians taking a sabbatical year off from the husband’s professorship at a Michigan university. A great family and we will get together again, I’m sure.

Danny and Judy picked me up from the zoo and I arrived at Ma’ale Levona just as the sun was setting over the western hills. We decided to begin our work the next day.

All day Wed & Thurs Danny and I worked on the new website for our travel-to-Israel initiative. Yossi came over last night and we had a long, honest and fruitful talk about his book. I am going to begin looking at it again while I work with Danny. The current plan is for me to spend several days per week in Ma’ale Levona.

Was planning to take the bus back to Jerusalem Friday morning, but I woke up Thurs morning with my back hurting so severely that Danny drove me to Jerusalem last night. I am now doing a lot of lying down.

This should be a quiet weekend while I allow my back to heal.

Charles Newbold: Danny, Judy, Yossi and I watched your DVD again. Danny asked how difficult it would be to email him the pictures. Yossi asked how he could get a copy. Any ideas?

What’s up at Colinx? Haven’t heard any news in awhile?

And, what’s up at CCP? Haven’t heard from you guys either.

I need some news from back home!



  1. Hey!I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a comment,but I’ve been really busy.School has started back,and I’m enjoying Spanish and history classes.I’ve been really involved with my youth group,and I’m really excited about a trip we’ll be taking at the end of September.I’ve got to go get get ready to go to homegroup.I miss you.

    Whith love,

    P.S. I’ll be praying for your back.

  2. Hoping your back is improving – just went through a sprained back myself. Icing it really helped alot – along with my great chiropractor. I’m sure they have those in Israel too! The sunset pic is inspiring. One of my favorite things to see here is a tropical sunset with palm trees silhoutted in front! It continues to be a blessing to keep up with your travel experiences Chris. Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

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