Posted by: chrisdavis | August 5, 2006

2nd Sabbath

Last night Scott and Theresa came home early. When they are in town, they usually have one good meal a week, on Friday evening. Other than that, they don’t seem to eat at all. I was really glad it was Friday. I was hungry! We had expected to have two “lone soldiers” (see previous post) eating with us and, perhaps spending some days here. But, for some reason, the didn’t come.

Yitzchak had called from Ma’ale Levona early Friday morning to find out if I was coming up there to spend the weekend. I declined because I thought the “lone soldiers” were coming and I wanted some realnews from the front lines to share with you all. Told Yitzchak I would come next week.

As soon as I hung up with Yitzchak, Danny called and wanted to know how I was doing so far. Truth is, nothing has turned out the way I expected it would. But, I’m OK with that. Before I came here, the Lord had told me that’s what I should expect: That nothing I expected would turn out like I expected it would.

Had a wonderful meal. Bread, salad, wine, steaks, more wine, vegetables, even more wine. Before I leave here I hope to get used to Sabbath meals coming in several courses. In the US, everything you are going to eat is on the table at the beginning of the meal. Here, on Friday night, a lot of food is on the table, but it’s only the 1st course. Don’t eat too much! There is much more to come (in several more courses) and each course has more food than the previous one.

Talked to Scott and Theresa late into the night. They are great people and I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with them. They just aren’t home much. Very, very busy doing whatever is asked of them.

Got up early this morning and read and prayed. A really good time with the Lord. This morning was extremely hot, but it cools down nicely by mid-morning.

Scott and Theresa took me to the church they pastor. Services are 2PM every Saturday. It is in the basement of a VERY old building not far from the area where Emily is leading worship several times a week. The church has from 2 to 15 who attend. This afternoon there were 2 plus a visitor: a homeless woman from Finland who is trying desperately to emigrate to Israel. She is even willing to marry one of the other members if that will allow her to stay. Very bizarre. Scott and Theresa brought both the lady and her Arab Christian “intended” back to the apartment for lunch. The conversation was strange. The lady is so soft spoken her speech is barely audible. When Scott asked, “Are you willing to marry Omar even if it means you cannot stay in Israel?” the woman replied with a soft, “No”. Scott asked lots of questions. The woman spoke very little English and her spirit was totally strange. She behaved like a dog who had been beaten for years, cowering in a corner. She never smiled or showed any signs of life.

I need to hear what’s going on with some of you: Nyes, Berrys, Newbolds, etc. etc.

Gayle. I’ve tried several times to email you but each message was returned. Your email address is the only one this happens to. I will try to call you soon.

Tomorrow is Sunday, the first day of the work week. I will visit Emily tomorrow and will probably go to Ma’ale Levona mid week to be with Yossi and Danny. I have written 5 chapters to show Yossi. It is moving more and more smoothly. I’m in a groove with the writing and enjoying it. Danny has asked me if there is any way I can help him with his business. I have some ideas, but am not sure this is where the Lord wants me to direct my energies.

Have a great weekend. We in Jerusalem don’t feel ANY effects of the war. It’s that way in most of the country with the exception of the north. Stay tuned…



  1. Sending an email with news from home. I guess we would be a part of the “etc., etc.” group.

  2. Hey Chris,
    Sounds like your having a great time and some great experiences. Keep writing it’s fun imagining what you are seeing. So whats the deal with Fanta Orange it’s better than mineral water! I’ve just fininshed reading all your blogs so I guess there must be some inside Joke!!

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