Posted by: chrisdavis | July 27, 2006


From the time I arrived early yesterday morning I have had a strong feeling that I would run into someone I knew. Kind of silly, I know. Here I am, half way around the world in a country at war. Who would I “run into”?

Got up early to a beautiful sunrise over the Promised Land. Scott and I spent time drinking coffee and talking about the Lord and generally fellowshipping together. He and I share a lot of common attitudes about the Bible and the Church. Some of you back home would really enjoy this guy. Then we spent about an hour trying to get my laptop connected to his ISP and finally gave up. Seems like I’m always needing you, huh Seth.

Scott drove me into the center of the city where his office is located in a high-rise building. He dropped me off at Zion Square after helping me change my money to shekels. The Johnson’s are following their church back home as they follow an eating routine meant to cleanse the body of toxins. Anyway, they eat mainly fruits and vegetables, but no breakfast, so the first thing on my mind was finding something to eat. I walked up Ben Yehuda and found a wonderful little sidewalk cafe and ordered my first of many Shawarmas. Toxins, Yum!

Then I decided I would walk the couple of miles to the Old City and go to the Wailing Wall. On the way I stopped at probably 30 ice cream coolers looking for my favorite chocolate ice cream bar. I finally had to ask someone and he told me the color of the wrapping had changed. So, I found what I was looking for. More toxins, Yum!

So I just strolled along toward the Old City, not in any hurry. I looked in lots of shops and just took my time. I was even aware that I wasn’t moving very rapidly toward my goal and the thought came to me that I was making this little trip take a long time. But I just reasoned that this was my first time in Israel when I had no schedule or time constraints.

I entered the Old City at the Jaffa Gate and slowly descended the steps and alleyways to the Wall. When I reached the courtyard (about half way from the gate to the Wall) I saw the Shorashim Gift Shop and decided to stop and pay my respects to the twin brothers who own it. That’s when I realized why I had been moving so slowly.

If I had walked any faster, I would not have entered Shorashim at just the time Emily Whiteside was buying earrings for her mom. Of all people to see in Jerusalem! She has been here a couple of months and her finace has arrived to visit her as she spends her last 3 weeks in Israel. Emily is here to be part of a ministry that leads worship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week near the Old City. Anyone can drop into the gathering and join in on the worship at any time of the day or night. Em plays the piano and sings and is one of the most anointed worship leaders (and worshippers) I’ve every known. The group has her  scheduled for several 2 hour sessions where she leads worship some days and some nights. She also lives within walking distance of where I am living.

After visiting the Wall I returned to Ben Yehuda and finally found the right bus to return to the apartment. Tomorrow afternoon the Johnson’s and I travel to Ma’ale Levona for my first of many Sabbath weekends with Danny, Yossi, Yitzchak and their families.

Took some pictures which I will put on the blog whenever Seth tells me how. Seems like I’m always needing you, huh Seth?

BOB’s (+Mike): Tell me what’s happening, other than freezing something off.

Haven’t yet heard from my children or from anyone at CoLinx. Wazzup?

Feelings: It’s very different being here this time. There is no “rush” like there always has been before. One reason is that this time I’m by myself and I don’t have others to share the excitement of being in such an amazing place. That’s what always makes something more special for me. Also, I’m not going to different places every day. I’m here for the long haul. Also, I must figure out my own agenda rather than having every hour of every day already planned. After this weekend, when I have had time to be with Yossi and find out how he wants to work on his book together, I should be more clear re: schedule and how my time here will play out.



  1. Hey Chris, You are making this very real for us who have never been to Israel, many thanks, enjoy your toxins

  2. Hey Dad,

    I’ve been emailing you and tried calling you Monday, but I think we got back from the beach too late. Do you have skype yet? I’m emailing you again right now… love you and miss you!


  3. Hey Chris Davis!

    Glad to hear you made it safe and having such a wonderful journey. Please keep up the blog, it is a point of interest in everyone’s day. We all miss ya and like to hear how you are doing.
    Yes we did get an increase in pay, I don’t know if I honestly would call it a “rise”.
    Cuckoo dress rehersal was last night. What a totally awesome job was done by everyone. I left the playhouse feeling upset (or maybe diturbed is a better way of putting it). This was the final clue as to how exceptional the perofrmance really was.
    Take Care. Laura

    Mandy says to keep your bald head covered because it will keep the heat in. LOL

  4. Hi, Chris. You’re a good writer and we’re enjoying reading about your day. I feel privileged to actually know the places you’re talking about. By the way, as of today we have a contract on the Farragut condo. PTL. Glad you found the ice cream bar! Another PTL. Keep that blogging going! And give our regards to Yossi and Danny. Nancy

  5. Hi! Chris, Is it okay if I am a little bit jealous. How I would love to share the experience with you. Tell us how the vines are growing at Ma’ale Levona. Charles.

  6. My brother Chris, Well you did it. You have made it to Israel! Just like Peter you stepped over the rail, you got your rear-end out of the boat and now your on the water! Keep your eyes on Jesus my friend, the waves can be intimidating and are likely to get you all wet. It’s so easy for the “earth man” to get distracted; be on your guard Chris! Pray about “EVERYTHING”, if you don’t have peace say “NO” or “don’t go”, tell them you will get back to them that you don’t have an answer right now. Be led by His Spirit, not man’s voice.
    Dig deep Chris, you may only have 90 days, so make the most of it. Don’t make anything up but whatevers in there, let it come out, He’s been bottled up too long. One of the “band” your brother, Paul

  7. Chris,
    We miss you very much. So glad you are taking life slow and enjoying every moment. Breathing in all that surrounds you. You are in your element. (not the Honda Element). Had to through in a bad joke.
    Things are going well here. Kitchen cabinets are being installed tomorrow, so things are shaping up with the new house.
    I take Chelsea tomorrow to Nashville for a demo taping to be sent to ABC. She is really excited. Then she leaves for FL on Tuesday to visit family for a week before dance starts back.
    Renee McKinney had a baby girl yesterday, 7-26-06. Her name is Addison Claire. Both are doing well. Chelsea and I are going to visit while we are in Nashville tomorrow.
    Everyone here is great…but we do miss you.
    Much love,
    the Nye family

  8. I’ve been catching up on your entries. Who knew you were such a fantastic writer? I feel like I’m right there beside you, seeing what you’re seeing. Maybe you should write a book yourself.

    The deck of cards miss you. 😉

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