Posted by: chrisdavis | July 23, 2006

Goodbye, Crossville

I took my last Crossville walk this morning and it had to be one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve ever seen in Crossville. The air is clear, the sun is warm, and a wonderful breeze is blowing. I thought, “What a great day to be sailing”.

Instead, I will spend the day packing to leave tomorrow.

I want to thank each of you for your friendship, your kindness, your hospitality and your encouragement. Special thanks to Phil & Debbie, Charles & Nancy and Craig & Martha for giving me a place to live this past year. Also, to the Paul Perry’s and the Andrew Perry’s for having me to dinner so often and generally being such good friends. Give each of the kids a hug for me. Angela, have a great year in college. Martha, smile a little smile for me; I will miss your hugs. Thanks to Ray & Tammy, Kelli & Nikki for the wonderful food and prayers. I love you guys. Doug & Debbie, I will miss you and the children. Give each of them a hug for me. David & Jamie, Chelsea, Morgan, Marshall & Olivia: I always came away from your home with a full and happy stomach and feeling loved and appreciated. I will miss you. Mike & Ann: You have been my Crossville friends longer than any others. I will miss our times in the Lord and dealing with all our “crises”. Please tell Anita how sorry I am to be missing her wedding. She is the “first” of the children to be wed and I always thought I’d be part of each of our kids’ weddings.

Jim & Sandy: For a long time you have been the most steadfast of friends and the ones I have felt were my greatest encouragers. There have been times when you have kept me going. I know you will be praying for me. Please let me know anything the Lord gives you to share with me in the days to come.

I will miss my children. Trina, I am sorry we weren’t able to get together before I left. But, I’m actually not going to be gone that long. Seth, I’m glad you decided to linger in Brazil. That was the right choice. James & Blake, I’ll see you tonight and say my “goodbyes” to you then.

To the Box Office Babes: Be good to Mike. It’s very distracting working around all that beauty. Do him a favor: Turn off the air conditioner and turn up the radio. This will help him stay focused on his work. Mike: be strong, man. you can do it! I hope Jim is working to improve conditions in the BO. If not, let me know and I’ll send an Israeli Secret Agent to deal with him.

To my former co-workers at CoLinx & AtWork: I will think of all of you often while I’m soaking up the atmosphere of the Holy Land. Stay in touch.  

Whenever I’ve gone to Israel before, it’s been with a tour and I knew what to expect each and every minute. This time things are a lot more open-ended. I have a general idea that I’ll be helping the country’s leading tour guide re-write his book of stories from the Bible. Other than that, I’m not exactly sure what my days will be like. I will be settled in an apartment in Jerusalem, but will also spend a lot of time in the (so called) West Bank Orthodox community of Ma’ale Levona (check out Google Maps) where Yossi (the tour guide) lives along with several other families who have become dear to me. 

Well, I need to get packing on this beautiful day. Goodbye to all–at least for awhile.

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