Posted by: chrisdavis | July 20, 2006

5 days

Five days and I leave for Israel. I’m excited about being with so many of my Jewish friends again. I have received only a few negative comments about going at this time. But, mostly, you all have been very encouraging. For those of you who have expressed concern, I can say that I will be living in Jerusalem which is currently south of the problem areas. I will be spending time in what the media calls “The West Bank” (the man I will be working with lives in a community there). However, I don’t see any problem with the area I will be going to.

I want to thank all of you for the “comments” to this blog. I enjoy reading whatever you have to say. Keep them coming!

Seth has decided to stay another 10 days in Brazil so I won’t be able to see him before I leave. I encouraged him to stay there since this kind of opportunity doesn’t come along very often. Blake will take me to the airport. I will miss everyone here, but 3 months isn’t all that long and I have a lot to do while I’m in Israel.

Mike Hackett, email me when you get the chance. I’d like to know how things are going in Saudi.



  1. Chris, we will be praying for you! Tell Yossi hello for us and we can’t wait to see his book.
    God bless you.
    Wayne and Charlesa Karaki

  2. Chris, Note my yahoo address. I didn’t have the correct one when I wrote you last.
    I will continue to read your blogs when I go to my classroom on Thursday.
    Sounds as if you are becoming more comfortable as time goes by.
    Would like to hear more about the political situation though.
    All is well here. John was here for 2 days. Got a lot done re. storage unit.
    We are going to go around BC and look at places I might like to live. But, probably spend several months in Nevada again in the winter.
    Conference room needed so must go.
    Love you Gayle
    And, for heavens sake, take care.

  3. Hy . . . . . ?

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