Posted by: chrisdavis | July 16, 2006

Isn’t it dangerous?

The question most often asked me in the past few days is, “Aren’t you concerned? Isn’t it dangerous over there?”

But should we make decisions based on the relative levels of danger (or safety) we could face? Should we be asking ourselves, “Let me see, now, that choice is more dangerous than this choice so I will do this instead of that.”

How is that any different from saying, “Let me see, now, this choice will make me more money than that choice”?  Or, “This choice will bring me more happiness than that choice”?

Shouldn’t we rather be asking, “Let me see, now, which choice will most allow me to participate in what the Lord is doing right now (as best I can see that today)?”

Yes, I still intend going to Israel a week from tomorrow (unless He changes my plans). You can pray for me if you are a praying person. But, don’t pray that I will be “safe”. Pray that I will be allowed to partipate in what He is doing there.

Hello to Charles, Tim, Scott, Carla, Wade, Oreo Gurl and everyone at CoLinx. Hope all is well with you guys. And, hello to Katy, Mandy, Mike, Meka, Laura, Pam & Moriah and eveyrone at CCP. Stay warm…



  1. Hey Chris–
    Thanks for the great good-bye. We will miss you at the Playhouse. I will personaly miss you coming to the box office and needing front row to take pictures of the boys. How much did you pay for all of those tickets over the years?? Just playing- you are a great person and I wish all the luck in your future. Take care and keep in touch.

    Mandy Dearman

  2. Hey Chris,

    Maybe on your way out of the country you could spend the night in Knoxville and you, Shirley & I could go out to Dinner!!!

    Let me know


  3. Hey,Chris,I just thought I’d say hi.I’m looking forward to Friday.

  4. Chris,
    Good luck on your travels, I will miss working with you. I will not have any one to sing songs with–you remember Mandy’s music. keep in touch.

    See Ya Later

  5. Hi Chris,

    When it gets too warm in the desert heat, remember us and the artic chill in the box office. ha ha I will request prayer for
    you at church. I hope everything goes well for you and you really find what you are looking for.


    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…
    Ecclesiastes 3:1

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