Posted by: chrisdavis | July 3, 2006


For the last eight months I’ve been working at CoLinx, one of our town’s largest warehouse facilities. I oversaw (is that a word?) the 75 or so “temps” who work there and got to know many of them personally. It has been my pleasure to meet lots of good people at CoLinx. Some of you I’ve prayed with; others I’ve prayed for. But, for the most part, I have just enjoyed getting to know a lot of good people. I’d like to hear from you all from time to time. Also, the three girls who run the Temp agency, AtWork, have been great to work with. (Ann doesn’t know how fortunate she is!). Well, last Friday was my last day at CoLinx and I said my goodbyes to everyone there and at AtWork. You can make me Brownies any day. (I especially liked the frosted ones)…

I have also been working part-time at what is called “The Playhouse”  []: our town’s community theater, and the place where Blake is a company actor. Yesterday, I gave my 2-week notice at the Playhouse, so July 16h is my last day there.

My next entry should be a pretty long one. I am waiting for one or two more details to become known before I can send it out. Stay tuned—–

I realized the other day that I have not had a “job” (in the sense of working for anyone other than myself) since I was a teenager. It’s been good for me to work for someone else these past months. It’s also been very educational to work in the envirionment of a large facility where maintaining a financially positive “bottom line” often reduces the humans there to the status of a production unit. However, I have met some supervisors who do their best to treat people with dignity in spite of the pressure to keep costs down and production up. You are good men and women with a difficult job. It was an honor to know you!


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