Posted by: chrisdavis | June 17, 2006

Is that Minnie Pearl or Grandpa Jones?

Had a special treat last night. For years I've turned down invitations to speak at high school graduations. I have been to lots of them and never heard one worth listening to. So, when Ron Scarlata of Family Christian Academy (Nashville) asked me to do their graduation, I told him I would think it over. But, honestly, I didn't expect to say "yes". But a few days later, I felt the Lord wanted me to accept.

I arrived early at the Opryland Hotel and tried to find the location of the graduation ceremony. I walked around and eventually found some men working on a stage in a huge auditorium. It looked like they were preparing for a concert. I asked if they knew where a graduation was to be held and they said, "Right here in this theater." So, that night I spoke to 2,000 people from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. What a hoot! But it was a lot of fun and my hat goes off to Belinda Scarlata for putting it all together.

Then we had a great meal with the graduates and their families and danced to the kind of music that was popular when I was popular (which means music from a LONG time ago). Got to bed at the Scarlata's at around 1AM. Made it home this afternoon and took a nap. Blake was opening in his play, "Singin in the Rain" and he did a great job. Applause to Blake.

Am still waiting for the Lord to clarify my next move. All I know is that I will know soon and will be leaving Crossville.



  1. Love you dad. I’m glad you had a good time. I’ll be praying for you as I’m sure you are for me. I had a great time at the Randolph’s tonight that I will have to talk to you about. I tried calling you tonight but I think I called too late and you were in bed.

    Many blessings…you are awesome!

  2. You need to make another post! Fresh content is the #1 rule of blogging my dear father…..! 🙂

    Love ya, Seth

  3. I am so glad to hear that you spoke for Ron and the graduation ceremony. What a huge event! I had no idea that the area had grown so much! You were in good company! Go Chris!

    • Thanks for sharing, i have used a ton of products but the only thing that has worked for me has been Aleavia “Cleanse” and “Clear”. I’ve been acne free for a few months now. Was on Accutane and that had so many bad side effects.

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